Three Autumn Activities to enjoy this 2020

Time to wrap up warm!

It’s that wonderful time when leaves turn orange, reddish to gold; when pumpkin spiced lattes are topping your quaint café menus, and when we dream to get cozied up all right by cabin log fires. Yes, we are talking about fall!

Here’s our top three (corona virus-free) activities we think everyone should enjoy safely this AUTUMN 2020:



No SO, no problem! Getting cozied up even at home is the ultimate stress-reliever we’ve been craving, haven’t we? Take a break from your laptop. Brew those beans you’ve been wanting to try; bring out your super soft blanket; light up a candle and just savor in the aromas. Are you cozied enough yet? Binge-watching on Netflix may also be an addition to this list. One day of ‘me-time’ won’t hurt you, darling.


Gather your closest friends or family but remember to keep safe. Light up your logs and gather around a campfire. No log or campfire? Get creative! You may roast those mallows on your kitchen stove or on candles. It’s a fun, friendly activity for all ages. S’mores are more fun with stories to tell or even while you watch your favorite spooky Halloween movie. 


Okay, you may not be the home-buddy type but with the cold autumn weather we’re sure a little run along the park or around your block will surely give you the energy your body needs. And hey, while you’re out there with your face mask on, look up to see the fall foliage. Enjoy the sight and just breathe.


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